Vigeda: A Revolution in the Bathroom

Do you sometimes have dry and itchy skin after showering? Or lifeless and brittle hair?

The Vigeda Shower Head has two layers of natural filtering elements. The layers of resin pellets and active charcoal filter chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria out of your shower water.

The filter ensures water is lighter for the skin in order to create a new body feeling. It smoothes and develops your skin’s natural alkaline balance.

Furthermore, the laser-cutting technology increases water pressure by 200%, as it pushes water through 250 tiny holes. The increased water pressures enables our customers to save up to 60% of water in comparison to regular shower heads on the market.

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Unique Filter Technology makes hard water soft again

Resin Pellets filter chalk and magnesium out of the water. Chalk and magnesium are the reasons why your hair feels brittle and dry. The purified water will ensure that your hair shines naturally and leave it with a soft touch.

Active charcoal cleanses the water, removing chlorine and bacteria. By filtering these elements, the water become softer and restores the natural balance of your skin.

"A good shower filter helps reducing sediments and chlorine in tap water, making it much softer on your hair and skin"

Hard water is caused by a high level of dissolved minerals which is the cause for the white scale sediments in your shower. These sediments also are impacting the natural balance of your hair and skin, causing dryness and itchiness.

Aside from the sediment, there are other contaminants in your water such as chlorine. The purpose of chlorine is killing bacteria in municipal water, however a side-effect is that it breaks down the natural oil layer of your skin and hair. Too much chlorine in your water can make matters worse for people susceptible to excema or psoriases.

A good shower filter will help to reduce sediments and chlorine in tap water, making it much softer and your hair and skin.

- D. Fisher (Dermatology Expert)

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